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MMF Research Program

MMF Research Program

The MMF has an ongoing commitment to research directed at answering questions about health concerns from exposure to radio waves (radiofrequency or "RF" energy) . The MMF has sponsored the implementation of many of the World Health Organization (WHO) recommendations for research into potential biological effects of RF energy. In supporting research, the MMF seeks to sponsor projects jointly with national and international health and scientific research bodies. The MMF also encourages all research findings to be published in peer-reviewed scientific journals to ensure openness and transparency in our research programs.

Download booklet: “An overview of MMF supported research project

A short description of each project supported by the MMF follows with more details available by clicking the appropriate link

INTERPHONE - International Case-Controlled Studies of Cancer in Relation to Mobile Telephone Use
This study is a multi country epidemiological study of head and neck tumors, being independently coordinated by the International Agency for Research into Cancer (IARC). By examining the data on phone use and cancer incidence in large populations, the objective is to determine whether or not mobile telephone use increases the risk of cancers. Read more

Possible Health Effects Related to Mobile Telephones & Base Stations (PERFORM A)
This project is funded with the European Commission under the 5th framework program and includes several 2 year animal studies at mobile phone frequencies. The objective of the project is to provide research results on possible carcinogenic effects of radio waves in animals. Read more

Replication studies (PERFORM B)
The PERFORM-B program involved several in vivo and in vitro replication studies. The results of these studies will be very important when combined with other similar studies on the effects of radiofrequency. Read more

UK National Research Program
The MMF in conjunction with the UK network operators and the UK Government are jointly funding the national research program that resulted from the Independent Expert Group on Mobile Phones report published in 2000 (known as the Stewart Report). Read more

Mechanisms Program
The MMF is supporting a range of studies being conducted at various US institutions that are looking at the plausibility of a range of different mechanisms for RF interaction with the human body. Read more

Human Studies
The MMF is also supporting research that is looking into various topical issues such as whether exposure to RF energy effects sleep, EEG recordings, and blood pressure as well as looking into the issues of headaches and hypersensitivity. Read more

Dosimetry Program
The MMF also sponsors a number of dosimetry and measurement related research programs. These programs are designed to support the biological research programs (through improved dosimetry controls) as well as supporting the measurement technology used by the industry in compliance testing. Read more

Promoting Scientific Discussion
In addition to the above mentioned programs, the MMF supports workshops and other forums where key scientific issues can be discussed. Scientific workshops and forums are an important part of the overall scientific process - where new ideas and new research can be presented, discussed and debated. Read more

Social Research
In addition to the above studies, the MMF also supports a number of projects looking at the social aspects of mobile telephony particularly those connected with health. Read more

You can download our booklet on social related research: “Social Research: An overview of MMF supported projects

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